Executive Committee Members

Lasantha Weerathunga

Lasantha Weerathunga President

0714 499615

Chandi Chamila Premi

Chandi Chamila Premi Secretary

0714 399708

Ruwan Sanjeewa

Ruwan Sanjeewa Treasurer

0773 369246

Jayanath Pandigama

Jayanath Pandigama Vice President

0714 848090

Asitha de Silva

Asitha de Silva Auditor

0714 460486

Gihan Ariyarathna

Gihan Ariyarathna Convener

0776 635354

Asiri Wickramasinghe

Asiri Wickramasinghe Editor

0772 930292

Ravindra Shilawansa

Ravindra Shilawansa Project Secretary

0715 303273

Proposed Plan of Action
13th Executive Council 2017/2018

  1. To provide contribution to develop sanitary facilities by renovating selected toilets in the school.
  2. The Rasogaya musical show will be held on the 1st week of December 2017.
  3. To offer necessary requirements to conduct series of supportive seminars for the G.C.E. O/L and A/L students to ensure the academic success.
  4. Publish Arunalu Year Calendar for the 2018.
  5. Implement the “SISU DIRIYA” project which is being implemented annually in the month of December.
  6. Send in Birthday wishes for the Arunalu members to refresh our stone bond.
  7. Plan to identify and fulfill necessary requirements of the remote school.
  8. Plan to design & develop own website for the Arunalu Group.